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Dr. Sarah Skidmore - Leadership Futurist & Consultant

Hey! I'm a Leadership Futurist & Consultant - basically, that means I work with leaders / teams / organizations who are ready for more! Whether through leadership consulting, leader training, or strategy development, I empower leaders to positively impact their context. My firm, Skidmore Consulting, is dedicated to providing Scalable Leadership Solutions to organizations that are ready for more!

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About Dr. Sarah Skidmore (she/her/hers)

I love thinking about futures (and, yes the "s" is intentional). My passion for the future of leadership + work + learning drive the perspective I bring to leaders. I own Skidmore Consulting LLC, a NGLCC Certified LGBT Business Enterprise & WBENC Certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman Owned SmallBusiness (WOSB). Through my work as a leadership development consultant, leadership futurist, & online leadership trainer, I bring my inclusive & strengths based approach to organizations.  

I often get asked, "what exactly is it that you do" - and, I bet you wondered the same thing! I spend time with clients providing leadership training, futures-focused strategy consultation, facilitation sessions, leader development courses & leadership retreats (all of which can be conducted virtually or on-site). I also create a lot of content that my clients access - everything from books to articles to videos to graphics and more. 

And, at the heart of this work is radical inclusion while celebrating the strengths of my clients. All of my applied research, custom trainings, & leadership consulting are purposefully focused on identifying, growing & leveraging the strengths of the leaders, teams & organizations I consult.

Prior to my work as a consultant, I led marketing strategy for a variety of sectors (small biz, non-profit, global manufacturing) for over a decade! Through my marketing experience, I saw first hand the importance of leadership solutions in order for organizations to thrive. Now, I spend my time developing leaders through trainings and retreats to build Stronger People Leaders and Stronger People-Focused Organizations.


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