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Terri Williams - Growth Specialist

Hey! I'm a Growth Specialist at Skidmore Consulting - basically, that means I work with leaders / teams / organizations who are ready for more! Whether by leveraging Dr. Sarah's leadership training, leader development, or strategy consulting, I support leaders throughout their journey with our firm to positively impact their context.

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About Terri (she/her/hers)

Prior to joining the Skidmore Consulting team, I was a small business owner for 10 years with a specialized background as a healthcare practitioner. As a retired midwife, over the years I worked with clients using meditation practices, emotional intelligence, breathing techniques, and positive visualization. I believe that personal transformation is essential to leader development!

As a Growth Specialist with the firm, I build relationships with our clients to ensure that the Leadership Training & Leader Development Services we offer are aligned with the goals of the client. I love working with dynamic leaders and teams.

When I'm not working with Skidmore Consulting clients, I love traveling and taking photographs! I specialize in Professional Headshots + Business Photography as well as Adventure Photography. So, feel free to ask me about the photography discounts I offer through my work at Trek Your Scene to Skidmore Consulting clients!


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